What to do when your pet goes missing

Every pet owners worst nightmare is getting home and realising that your dog or cat has gone missing. In situations like this, the first 24 hours are critical, after that your chances of finding your pet drop dramatically. Give yourself and your pet the best possible chances by doing these things as soon as you realise your pet is missing.

Remain calm and try to identify where he or she may have gotten out. Take a few minutes to formulate a plan and ensure you don’t miss something. Contact friends and family or anyone who may be able to help.
Sweep your neighbourhood; your pet may not be too far away – call out for them as they may come to you when you hear your voice. Be sure to take some treats with you to entice them to come back to you.
Contact your local vets or animal rescue centres, if someone has found your pet they may have dropped it off or left their contact details for you.
Post on your Facebook page as well as community pages, word travels fast and with the help of the community your odds of finding it will increase.
Make some lost flyers to hand out or post around your neighbourhood. Although it seems old-fashioned this is the best way to reach people in your community or people that travel through the area.

Don’t give up; there is always hope.
Dogs and cats often wander, try everything and look everywhere and keep telling everyone you see. Even the friendliest of pets can often panic and hide when left in a strange or unfamiliar situation. When you eventually find your pet call out to them, don’t run up to them as it may scare them. Approach them slowly and let them recognise your voice and come to you.

It is best to avoid a situation like this from happening. Make sure your pets wear a name tag with your up to date contact details. Ensure your house and garden is secure, if strangers are coming or going be sure to keep your pets inside so they can’t slip out the gate when no one is looking.

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